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Housing subsidy Programs


Imcome Tax Credits for residential renovations

In Quebec there are several financial aid programs offered by the federal and provincial governments as well as organizations such as the Société d'Habitation du Québec, the Agency for Energy efficiency Québec, electricity distributors and gas and municipalities.

So here are 60 different grant programs wich you can access below. You just have to click on the program link that interest you to get informed about its details and eligibility requirements.

    Assistance programs for housing at low cost :

  1. shelter allowance

  2. Accès Logis Quebec

  3. Low rental housing

  4. Supplement Rent

  5. Federal financial assistance :

  6. First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC)

  7. Homeowner residential rehabilitation asistance Program - Homeowner RRAP

  8. Residential rehabilitation assistance Program for persons with disabilities - RRAP Disabilities

  9. Home Adaptations for Seniors and Persons' Independence (HASI)

  10. Home Buyers' Plan (HBP)

  11. Partial refund of the premium mortgage insurance from CMHC for homes - CMHC green home

  12. Aide financière provinciale : Provincial funding :

  13. Electric car Charging station rebate

  14. Feu Vert Program - removal and replacement of wood stoves and fireplaces on the island of Montreal

  15. Novoclimat

  16. Renoclimat

  17. GST and QST: refund of taxes for new housing and renovations

  18. Éconologis - Program helps seasonal energy savings for households with modest budget

  19. Société d'habitation du Québec (federal / provincial):

  20. Adapted Housing for Seniors' Independence

  21. Adapting homes for disabled people

  22. Renovation Québec

  23. RenoVillage Program Quebec

  24. Emergency repair program

  25. Program for homes damaged by pyrrhotite

  26. Hydro-Québec :

  27. Home diagnostic - Home Diagnostic "Energy Wise"

  28. Novoclimat - Funding for new homes

  29. Funding for installation of a geothermal system

  30. Discounts on electronic thermostats for electric baseboards

  31. Program Recyc-Frigo ($30 rebate)

  32. Three-element water heater

  33. Gaz Métro and Office Efficiency and Innovation Energy Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife :

  34. Rebate on the purchase of windows and patio doors energy efficient ENERGY STAR

  35. Boiler (installation of a tankless water heater or condensing or non-heated storage water condensation)

  36. Efficient boiler (boiler plant efficiency greater)

  37. Combo system (installation of a water heater combined with a fan coil that allows the heating of the air)

  38. Programmable electronic thermostat (incentive of $30 to install a thermostat EnergyStar certified)

  39. City of Montreal :

  40. Homeownership

  41. Residential Adaptation (RAAP)

  42. Social and Community Housing

  43. Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence (HASI)

  44. Renovation a la carte

  45. Major Residential Renovation

  46. Urban housing for famillies

  47. Stabilization of residential building fondations

  48. Acces Condos

  49. City of Laval :

  50. Municipal program homeownership

  51. Grant max. $700 - Replacement of wood heating system

  52. Grant $70 - Rainwater barrel

  53. Grant $50 - Backyard Composter

  54. Tree Code - The grant program is embellished

  55. ​​ Grant $200 - Diapers

  56. ​​Up to $600 as a result of the purchase of an AED

  57. Paratransit Service for Handicapped Persons in Laval

  58. Municipal residential renovation program

  59. A birth, a tree

  60. Relocation Program and revitalization

  61. Grant $60 $75 - low flow toilet

  62. City of Longueuil:

  63. Funding Program to promote homeownership

  64. Renovation Quebec - Housing Section

  65. Renovation Quebec - Energy effeciency

  66. Adapting dwellings for autonomous senior living

  67. Home adaptation program

  68. Assistance to owners of homes damaged by pyrites

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